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Forget Cronuts! Get Ready For Bacon Cro*Knot Mania

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Forget Cronuts! Get Ready For Bacon Cro*Knot Mania
Photo Angel Food/Facebook

The cronut saga continues but this time the tale doesn't begin in New York City. No, the quest for the latest croissant-doughnut hybrid takes us to Minneapolis.

That's where Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar has been producing their own delectable buttery flaky knotted concoctions for a while now. To make things ever more interesting, the pastry chefs at Angel Food are now experimenting with wrapping their Cro*Knots with bacon. Take that cronut!

The Thrillist reports Andrew Zimmern has already gotten his hands on bacony cro*knots. The buzz spread to Twitter earlier this summer where Andrew Carmellini described them to cronut creator Dominique Ansel as being ''like a cronut but shaped in a garlic knot.''

Back at Angel Food, Drew Wood from The Thrillist photographed the entire production process. Unlike donuts, cro*knots don't get made overnight. Making the croissant-doughnut hybrid is an elaborate process that can take up to five days to produce. You can check out photos of the entire process here

Stay tuned to Angel Food's Facebook page to know when the bacon cro*knots will be on sale officially.

Via The Thrillist

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