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Limited Edition Cronut Hole Custard at Shake Shack

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Limited Edition Cronut Hole Custard at Shake Shack

Ever wondered what happened to all the cronut holes after they're stamped out of the cronut? Well don't worry they're not lost forever, in fact it seems that the Cronut creator Dominique Ansel has been saving them for a special occasion.

The New York based pastry chef and owner of the Cronut trademark has teamed up with Shake Shack to offer customers what is being called Cronut Hole Concrete.

Using Shake Shacks already famous Butter Caramel Custard with a healthy handful of cinnamon flavored Cronut Holes on top the collaboration will give the people of New York another place to grab a slice of the cronut action.

Shake Shack is already know for generating pretty large queues and it seems people are still camping outside Ansel's bakery for their very own cronut. With just 1000 of these desserts available at Shake Shacks Madison Square Park location and all $4.50 proceeds going to a number of charities we think the early birds really will catch the cronut holes.

The dessert goes on sale September 17th with customers limited to just two orders each.



Via Food Beast

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