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The Craziest Restaurant Contract Ever

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The Craziest Restaurant Contract Ever

For restaurant owners, there’s a balance to be maintained in ensuring servers adhere to the high standards they and their customers expect of them, but at the same time, engendering an enjoyable and inspiring work environment, where staff feel part of the businesses’ success.

One restaurant hasn’t quite mastered such equilibrium yet. Doing the viral rounds on the Internet this week is a downright crazy and potentially illegal employee agreement offered up by an as yet unnamed restaurant. The contract was shared by Reddit user 00generic, alongside the caption: “Not sure where to post. My cousin’s job just asked her to sign this and fired an employee who refused.”

‘Terms and conditions' include fines for having phones out during work hours and not greeting customers – okay, both important conduct issues, but are fines really the answer/legal?

Most bizarrely, as highlighted by Reddit users, are fines for giving male customers straws unless asked for. The suggestion in the comments is that male diners tend not to use straws when given, whereas females do. So they're trying to cut back on waste? Perhaps, but in a really, really bad way.

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