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How Quickly do we Judge a Bottle of Wine Based on Appearance Alone?

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How Quickly do we Judge a Bottle of Wine Based on Appearance Alone?
Photo 2012 Papillon / Orin Swift

Although we might not like to admit it, at some point most of us have bought a bottle of wine based on looks.

In a hurry, grabbed the first good looking bottle that caught your eye? Does it look expensive enough for a gift? Is it elegant enough to stand up against the competition at a dinner party?

Truth is, wine bottle labels are powerful marketing tools and we are at their mercy.

Forbes have collaborated with industry experts (John Lawlor and Don White from Real Picture Research, a visual engagement research company) to provide some examples of the coolest wine labels for 2015 (see main picture above from Orin Swift cellars).

Infact 1.5 seconds is all it takes for a label to make an impression on us according to John Lawlor. When dozens of bottles of wine stand shoulder to shoulder on a supermarket shelf jostling for attention the label is one of the main means of attracting a buyer.

Here are some key points Forbes put together in collaboration with John Lawlor and Don White, experts in assessing the impact of wine labels:

Avoid negative attention

Attracting attention is not always be a good thing. Lawlor and White confirm that even thought a wine label can attract your attention you are not going to buy it if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sales potential of research

Lawlor points out that many wineries still fail to do any robust research on the strength of their labels or consider the sales potential of a label when stood in an aisle full of similar bottles.

Winning Combination

Lawlor and White describe the most successful wine label as one that “grabs attention, looks expensive, and sells for a value price. If your wine label has that winning combination—you will move some wine.”

Some wineries are investing in their labels and working with artists, Orin Swift and Eric Kent being two such vineyards included in the coolest labels line up.

Have a look at these personalised celebrity wine labels which have also become increasingly popular at A list parties.


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