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Watch: How The Blind Cook

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Watch: How The Blind Cook

Christine Ha started loosing her vision around 2004 because of a disorder that affected her optic nerves and spine. By 2007 she was nearly completely blind, in 2012 she competed and won Masterchef USA, by 2014 she was presenting her very own cooking show, Four Senses. She is self-taught and can cook a full meal entirely by herself: a meal good enough to win over Gordon Ramsay.

In the video below, Ha explains her style of cooking, how exactly she navigates a sharp kitchen with one of her main senses gone.

It's fascinating to watch how tactile she is when cooking, how every ingredient, every setting, every chop, sauté, flip and fry is executed in her own darkness. She's given a hand only at times when even those who could see would need help.

Ha cooks Red Snapper steamed with black bean sauce and Sichuan green beans - not an easy dish and one that looks delicious once finished.

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