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Crumble or The Cookie Gets It

By FDL on

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Crumble or The Cookie Gets It

In what has to be one of the most bizarre ransom stories ever told, police in Germany are on the hunt for a golden cookie believed to have been stolen by a man dressed as The Cookie Monster. This is not a joke.

It all started a few weeks ago when police in Hannover were informed that the famous golden biscuit outside the German baker Bahlsen's was stolen. The company is a big employer throughout Germany and has supplied biscuits for around 120 years, the Golden cookie stood as a testament to this work.

At first there were no leads as to who had taken the cookie but that all changed when a local Newspaper in Hannover received a picture and ransom note.

The thief, dressed in a Cookie Monster costume, has made certain demands for the cookie's safe return. In a ransom note written using cut out letters they began by saying, ""I have the cookie! And you want it."

The note also went on to say that if Bahlsen's doesn't supply treats, specifically milk chocolate cookies, to all the children at the local hospital ward they will never see their golden biscuit again.

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