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Watch A Preview of 'Constructing Albert,' A Documentary on Albert Adrià

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Watch A Preview of 'Constructing Albert,' A Documentary on Albert Adrià
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He's been called the world's most underrated chef but life may be about to change for Albert Adrià, chef of the acclaimed Barcelona restaurants Tickets, 41 Degrees and Pakta.

Adrià, who worked with his older brother Ferran Adrià at the legendary elBulli, has been stepping out of his brother's shadow in recent years. His rise as a culinary sucess is captured in Constructing Albert, a documentary that challenged the chef to find his true sense of self.

''I always said that Albert has the great misfortune of being my brother. I sincerely believe he is the best cook I’ve ever known,'' Ferran Adrià has said. The chef has often described his relationship with his brother as a yin and yang of sorts.

But if you thought Albert Adrià is trying to live up to the fame of his older brother, you've got it all wrong.  ''When I think about awards the feelings are contradictory because I would like to be…what are they called?... an outsider.''

Below is the trailer for Constructing Albert:

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