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The Open Source Cocktail Making Robot

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The Open Source Cocktail Making Robot

Sick of waiting at the bar to be served? Well why not pledge some money to this great Kickstarter project that seems to gathering quite a lot of momentum.

Called the Bartendro it was presented at BarBot in San Francisco and it's creators, Robert Kaye and Pierre Michael of Party Robotics, think they have a commercially viable idea.

Called a modular open source cocktail dispenser - basically a computerized robot that will mix precision cocktails of your choosing. Users fill the bottom of Bartendro with different alcohols and select their drink from a menu of cocktails, stand back and watch the robot start its magic.

The makers claim the machine can easily pour over 200 cocktails in an evening and that the actual process of mixing the drinks ingredients takes just 10 seconds.

The makers say they made the robot because they want people to be able to enjoy the perfect cocktail every time they order - rather than each one tasting a little different depending on how its poured and mixed.

So far the project has received nearly $55,000 of their required $135,000 and have until March 31st to collect the rest of the cash to fund production.

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