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Michelin Star Chef Offers Ducks to Protestors who Stormed His Restaurant

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Michelin Star Chef Offers Ducks to Protestors who Stormed His Restaurant
Photo The Square Mayfair / Instagram

A chef in London has responded to animal rights activists who stormed his restaurant by presenting them with two uncooked ducks.

Chef Clément Leroy runs the kitchen at The Square -one Michelin star restaurant in Mayfair, London. The restaurant was targeted by animal rights activists, Direct Action Everywhere, who entered the establishment holding banners reading, "It's not food, it's violence", in protest to the inclusion of foie gras on The Square's menu.

Stepping out of the kitchen, Leroy presented the protestors with two ducks. One activist who was there told The Daily Mail: "He was waving around dead bodies far from the food preparation area. I'm sure local food safety officers will be interested in his actions. "

The group, who want to create a "world where every animal is safe, happy and free" with what they call "disruptive protest", also targeted the So restaurant in Soho and the upmarket store, Fortnum and Mason.

Leroy responded with a statement to Unilad , reading: "Our Foie Gras encased in Beeswax is one of my signature dishes which our regular guests especially enjoy. We are a Michelin Star French restaurant and this delicacy is sought after in fine dining establishments.

"We welcome any diners to try our specialist cuisine to enjoy lunch or dinner with us at The Square, one of Mayfair's institutional eateries." He also posted a video of ducks dancing on his Twitter page and a pic of his dish of roasted duck, tropical pale ale and citrus on his Instagram page.

The battle between vegan activists and chefs is something we are seeing more and more of. In 2018, a chef in Toronto responded to protestors by butchering in the window for all to see.

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