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What Do You Tip at Christmas?

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What Do You Tip at Christmas?

We’ve covered the issue of tipping in restaurants at length. When should you tip? How much should you tip? Does it depend on the country you’re in? All these questions bring back a mix of responses and everyone thinks their approach to tipping is the right one.

In America, tipping is king and service workers expect to jump up their monthly wages thanks to generous tips. Tipping in America is generally the norm but what about Christmas tipping? Does the festive period change the rules? Who should be tipped, how much should they be tipped and should you always tip with cash?

With these Christmas tipping conundrums in mind, Zagat surveyed a number of their American readers to find out their approach to holiday tipping.

Cash is hands down the winner with 82% of those asked saying they would choose to tip with cash. 27% went for a gift card, 24% offered wine or spirits and 2% of customers had tipped with jewellery.

It seems that servers are in for an increase in tips. 13% of those asked said they planned to tip their servers more than in 2013.

There is also a section on other service providers that are traditionally tipped at Christmas - doormen, hairdresser, newspaper boy etc. It seems that housekeepers and maids come out on top for this with the average Christmas tip coming in at $140.

As much as the extra tips are flying around at Christmas, be careful, 27% of those asked said they have tipped by resifting - using a gift someone had already given to them.

You could also opt for a 'Tips for Jesus' style syrprise and leave your server their annual wage on one reciept. 


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