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What Does a Chopstick Piano Sound Like?

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What Does a Chopstick Piano Sound Like?
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If you’ve ever taken piano lessons you may have learnt to play a very simple tune called Chopsticks early on in your musical education – it’s the melody Tom Hanks taps out with his feet on the giant keyboard in the film Big. However, have you ever come across a chopstick piano?


Boston–born, Tokyo–based Sami Elu is a musician who likes to build musical instruments out of recycled materials and in the video below he’s in Japan, putting on a stunning one–man–band performance, part of which involves playing a chopstick piano. Apparently it’s not the first chopstick piano he’s made either.

For the People

The track he plays, called For My People is actually pretty good and it’s mesmerising to watch all four of his limbs in motion. The video, courtesy of Kuma Films, already has 60k–plus views on YouTube and we can see why.

So, sit back, relax and let the music wash over you. And then perhaps go out for ramen.

Buy Elu’s music via Bandcamp here.

Via Food Beast

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