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Newspaper Food Critics Called Out For Avoiding Payment and Writing a Fake Review

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Newspaper Food Critics Called Out For Avoiding Payment and Writing a Fake Review

A restaurant owner in Perth, Australia is upset that his business received a negative review from a pair of critics who tried to skip their $260 bill.

Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay are reality star celebs who appeared on the My Kitchen Rules TV show in Australia, they are also reviewers for the Perth Sunday Times  - a job that’s supposed to see the duo visit a restaurant and write their own opinions about the experience.

However, the owner of the West End Deli in Perth says they are upset after a review appeared in the newspaper this Sunday even though only one of the duo actually ate inside the restaurants, that they ate that dinner back in October and that they actually tried to skip the bill.

In a post that has now had over 20,000 likes and 5,000 shares the owners claim that on Kelly Ramsay dined at the restaurant and that upon receiving the bill her card was declined. They claim it then took seven weeks to actually receive the money and only after they chased her.

That’s a review published this Sunday, on a restaurant only one of the duo dined at, back in October, with payment only after: “we rang, left voicemails and text Kelly numerous times but were ignored completely until late December.”

The review, which is not available online, used the title “Hipster deli should stick to brekkie”, gave the deli just nine out of 20 and claimed that staff at the restaurant lacked knowledge. They also claimed that food was left even though the owner says all plate came back to the kitchen spotless.

Here’s the response in full:

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