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Chili Peppers, Hillary Clinton's Power Food

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Chili Peppers, Hillary Clinton's Power Food
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Any spice lover will tell you chili peppers are addictive. Just one bite can send a rush of heat through your body, energizing you in the process. It turns out that these very traits are what attracted Hillary Clinton to these spicy wonders.

Chili peppers are Clinton's secret weapon for staying energized during her time as Secreaty of State and her years in as First Lady, according to a new book by Kim Ghattas.

In her book The Secretary: A Journey With Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power, Ghattas reveals that Clinton likes to ''eat those chilies that make you sweat.''

Apparently, chili peppers are ''one of the ways you can flush your system...maybe from whatever viruses are there,'' Ghattas told Politico. She said Clinton claims that the hot peppers help flush toxins and contributed to her increased energy levels.

Image: Frank Plitt/Wikimedia Commons

Are chili peppers capable of such things? Absolutely.

In researching our A to Z guide to chili peppers we discovered that capsacin, the substance responsible for the intensity of chilies, stimulates the sensory nerves of the mouth and throat which, in turn, send a message to the brain. This causes an elevated heart rate, sweating and the release of endorphins.

Chili pepper extract is actually used in medicine to combat prostate cancer, diabetes, herpes, arthritis and headaches. It is a natural painkiller and can help speed up our metabolism. It's no wonder Clinton turned to this natural power food as a stimulant and health tonic!

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