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Parents Take Crying Baby
for a Tasting Menu at Alinea

By FDL on

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Parents Take Crying Baby<br>for a Tasting Menu at Alinea

On Saturday evening Grant Achatz posed the above question to fans after a couple of diners at Alinea in Chicago brought an 8-month-old baby to the restaurant.

The tweet from Achatz posed some legitimate questions: should people be told no kids? Should diners at such this type of restaurant be subjected to a small baby crying?

The three Michelin-starred restaurant is the hottest booking in Chicago, one of the hottest in America and in 2013 Alinea was 15th on the World's 50 Best Restaurants List - this is a special restaurant with the tasting menus beginning at $210 and tickets sold 2-3 months in advance.

In true form the internet has responded through Twitter with @AlineaBaby and just about every other medium possible. Eater reports that a fake profile and review from the baby was posted on Yelp. It read: "There was a grown-up at the adjoining table who took a furtive cell-phone photo of one of his dishes, an action which even a baby knows is prohibited. I attempted to alert the server in the only way I knew how, by first bleating repeatedly and then letting loose with a full-throated cry."

The review has since been removed by the site but the debate about whether restaurants like Alinea should accept children or whether 3 hour tasting menus, similar to a theatrical performance, should be something that children are not subjected to, continues.

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    Parents will brazen it out and annoy everyone else. The baby is completely innocent. Kick them all out though.

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