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This Twitter Account Mercilessly Rips Bad Trip Advisor Reviews

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This Twitter Account Mercilessly Rips Bad Trip Advisor Reviews
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We love it when a chef or restaurant responds to an over the top, negative Trip Advisor review by skilfully dismantling the reviewer’s arguments and falsities one by one – this is probably one of the best chef responses to a bad review we’ve ever seen.

Now, there’s Chiefs of Trip, a Twitter account dedicated to exposing bad Trip Advisor reviews and the reviewers who love to gloat about having eaten in some of the world’s best restaurants, while at the same time demonstrating a clear lack of basic knowledge about food and eating out.

The Chiefs of Trip annotate really bad Trip Advisor reviews, hilariously pulling reviewers up on every single nonsensical or petty point. For example, the reviewer who questioned why they didn't include the weight of the food on the menu at one Michelin star Fera in London, or those who like to number and bullet point their reviews.

It's a hilarious read, but be warned, it does contain some strong language. And if you’re wondering: both ‘chief’ and ‘weapon’ are definitely not complimentary terms.

The account is steadily gaining a following among food fans, so head on over to Chiefs of Trip to read more, because it’s going to all over the Internet very soon.




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