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Watch Jeff’s Table, Episode Two: Frozen Waffles

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Watch Jeff’s Table, Episode Two: Frozen Waffles

We love what Food Beast are doing right now with Jeff’s Table, a tongue in cheek parody of the hugely successful Chef’s Table format, season three of which is available to watch now.

In episode one we saw Mr Average construct a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the grace and deftness of touch of a three Michelin star chef (at least, that’s the way it’s filmed).

There are some cracking lines in episode two, as we watch our everyday culinary anti–hero whip up a serving of frozen waffles: “A true chef cooks from deep inside ... the freezer,” “My culinary passion, like my toaster, is always set to high,” “Frozen waffles are the great unifier,” and last but not least, ‘Belgium – is that even a real place?”

Would there be anything more wrong/right than sitting down to watch an episode of Chef’s Table, with a plate piled high with butter and syrup drenched frozen waffles, with the gooey combination of the two dripping down onto your track pants? That is living.

Watch episode two below, as well as the trailer for season three of the real thing, featuring, amongst others, Alain Passard and Michel Troigros, further down.

All images courtesy Food Beast

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