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Watch Jeff's Table, the Hilarious Chef's Table Mockumentary

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Watch Jeff's Table, the Hilarious Chef's Table Mockumentary
Photo Foodbeast

With the news that season three of Chef's Table will hit our screens on 2 September, this time with the focus purely on France and French chefs including Alain Passard and Michel Troisgros, Foodbeast have hit back with a gentle satirical swipe at the wildly popular Netflix show's gastronomic extravagance and it's called, brilliantly, Jeff's Table.

PB & J

Episode one of the Chef's Table mockumentary focuses on the meticulous construction of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by our Mr Average protagonist. The classical music, the lingering close-ups – it's all there. Is it wrong that this makes us (almost) as ravenously hungry as the original?

Jeff describes a "feeling of elation when you create something average ... they don't teach this shit in culinary school and in some ways that makes me the best chef in the world." Well he sure makes a good sandwich.

Box Set Binge

Watch the hilarious clip below. We think this might be the perfect watch after a Chef's Table binge, when you're gloriously hungry, but all you have in the fridge are the ingredients for a painfully uninspiring bite, just to bring you back down to earth a little.

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