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Chef Cooks Non-Stop for 53 Hours

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Chef Cooks Non-Stop for 53 Hours
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It might sound like the shift from hell, but a chef in India has set a new world record by voluntarily cooking for 53 hours straight.

Vishnu Manohar, a chef and tv personality, beat the previous record set by an American chef by 13 hours at an event in Nagpur and said, according to the Times of India, on completing his marathon shift: "I still have energy to go on for 10 more hours." 

The chef trained for the event by cooking at train station and airport canteens to get himself accustomed to working through the night. He also did plenty of carb-loading and drank buttermilk throughout the event to keep him going.

Vishnu Manohar/Facebook

The chef prepared 20 different small dishes an hour, each weighing 100 grams and invited the crowd, many of whom were wearing Manohar masks, to dig in.

Once he had hit the 52 hour mark, Manohar continued to cook for another four hours to cover breaks taken every eight to 10 hours. 

We bet there are a few chefs out there who feel like they've just come off a 53 hour shift right now. 

Watch Vishnu Manohar in action over on Grub Street.

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