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Shinichiro Takagi: "Cooking with 12 Seasons"

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Shinichiro Takagi: "Cooking with 12 Seasons"

Shinichiro Takagi is the chef and owner of the Zeniya restaurant in Japan. The food on offer at Zeniya is made up of exciting tasting courses that are inspired by the traditional meals often served before Japanese tea ceremonies and paired alongside sakes.

Speaking at the Mad Food Camp 2012 Takahi the chef talks about some of his philosophies in the kitchen and how he has a strong passion to reconnect diners with nature and the seasonal ingredients throughout Japan.

He is a man who thinks in 12 different seasons throughout the year and a chef who has built a strong reputation for his dedication and ability in the kitchen.

Takagi has interesting way of thinking about food and this video is a just a brief glimpse of his work and research.

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