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This Chef is Paid $250,000 to Cook for Billionaires at Burning Man

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This Chef is Paid $250,000 to Cook for Billionaires at Burning Man

In a revealing article the New York Post has profiled Keven Lee, a private chef from Los Angeles who is paid huge sums of cash to prepare exclusive tasting menus for the elite campers at the legendary festival, Burning Man.

Burning Man is intended as a self-reliant journey in which all campers must bring whatever they need to survive, including water. Any thing else is supposed to be traded or bartered as a community come together to share and swap their skills and creativity. However, in recent years, this hasn’t been the approach for all the campers attending the festival.

The post reports that many Silicon Valley tycoons and finance titans are taking to the nine-day festival to relax, network and blow-off steam in billionaire style.

Lee explains in the piece how his job works. “My clients fly in. They are the elite: celebrities, billionaires, sports stars, developers, you name it. They trust me to take care of them 24/7” — whether that means soothing someone who’s “wigging out on mushrooms” or preparing a Michelin-worthy dinner.”

Keven cooking with his World on a Plate compant at EDC. 

For this service he is paid handsomely, charging $250,000 for running the kitchen camp, that's before alchohol. However, cooking for the elite in a dessert with no power or water lines - for diners who demand only the best, is a job that’s not easy. Lee has a team of six, two huge refrigeration trucks, he builds an entire kitchen inside the camp which has been dubbed “Billionaire’s Row” and they often kick out four gourmet meals a day for nearly 200 guests.

Lee told the Post he often likes to go the extra mile for his campers with luxurious and outrageous feats for food. One year he flew in a jet packed with 250 pounds of fresh fish, all so he could serve hand rolls to one percenters in fur coats at 4am.

What a job - reminds us of the chef who got the gig cooking for 'Gang-ham Style' star, Psy. 

Here's a closer look at Burning Man and some of the different foods on offer - you get a good idea of just how diiferent it is to fly in a private jet for fish. 

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