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Chef Jason Atherton in Hidden Camera Show

By FDL on

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 Chef Jason Atherton in Hidden Camera Show

Candid camera shows are great - watching unsuspecting victims fall foul to a trick or scare makes for gripping television - You've Been Framed, Punkd and whole list of hidden camera shows from south east asia all make for very funny viewing. 

Now a new hidden camera show has launched in the uk and it features the Michelin star chef from Pollen Street Social Jason Atherton. The show which is called The Secret Interview will see members of the public interview for their dream job with no knowledge that they a being filmed and that all the people conducting their interviews are actors.

Atherton will be in one of the episodes in what we can only guess must involve people who dream of training in one of the chef's kitchens. The show will air on Channel 5 in the Uk and is expected to begin towards the end of August 2012.


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