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All These Amazing Dishes Are Made with Junk Food

By FDL on

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All These Amazing Dishes Are Made with Junk Food

Cutting waste is a big issue across fine dining at the moment, a number off chefs are making efforts to reduce their own waste and events like Expo Milano 2015, starting in May, are set to focus purely on the issues of food sustainability and how we will feed the planet as the population rises.

Massimo Bottura is launching a unique project to take trash from across the Expo sites and it seems his idea is shared and loved by Chef Jacques LaMerde. That's the name of an Instagram account that’s gaining lots of attention for taking trash and junk food and turning it into fine dining style meals.

The account has already reached over 50,000 followers as the unique idea shows off just how much presentation can change perception.

They say we eat with our eyes and it’s certainly true in this case as wasted ingredients take on a whole new light thanks to the way they are prepared and presented.

Take a look for yourself.

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