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34 Mise en Place Tasks Chefs Hate

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34 Mise en Place Tasks Chefs Hate
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In an earlier post we presented nine infuriating mise en place tasks according to chefs. When we posted this piece on Facebook we received an overwhelming response, with many of you adding your own suggestions for the mise en place chef duties you really hate. Below are just a few of the responses we received:

34 mise en place tasks chefs hate

Chris Klassen

“Peeling walnuts ... picking thyme (including when it's turning black), taking the tendons out of turkey legs, cleaning dirty black trumpets of twigs and dirt, and it's not bad, but I hate pin boning salmon.”

Timothy Wong

“Double shucked chickpeas and peeling sunchokes, trimming clams to get only the foot ... oh and making Pico de gallo.” Jolis Aris “Breading delicate poached eggs to be fried without breaking them. Also made about 500 brie and cranberry "purses" with puff pastry – they had to be perfect.”

Stephen Lee

“I used to have to prep a full 6 pan of brunoised mirepoix almost everyday, it would take a good 30 to 40 mins a day ... my knife skills got sick tho.”

David Roldan “Peeling, cleaning baby globe carrots (thumbelinas), making parmesan rounds for salad (1000 of them), cleaning shrimp, or prepping prickly pear to make syrup or reduction!!” Sarah Pugh “Taking the fibers out of celery and rainbow chard.”

Ann Drew

“Hard-boiled eggs? You're fired. I'd say scraping chicken skin of all its fat to make crisps, that sux.”

Michael Price

“Everyone hates removing the membrane from broad/fava beans.”

Michael Fortunato

“Checking the crab meat for shell and cartilage, making ravioli, cleaning snapper, peeling asparagus, pin boning salmon.”

Antony Evans

“Cleaning squid tubes, slimy, rank and stinks of spunk. Not forgetting also making brawn from pigs head, picky jobs but taste amazing cooked right.”

Glyn Council

“It's called mise en place Chef. Crack on.”

Cecilia McEachern

“Blanching/peeling sweetbreads. Making pounds and pounds of pasta dough every single day.”

Cecillia Sterner Lindblom

“Mussels is the worst. I could slice potatoes for a Dauphinoise a whole week though. Wipes all troubles away.”

Tom Tomsi

“Peeling quails eggs, soft boiling hens egg yolk for crispy egg yolk, pané said yolk ... any work using sable pastry on a hot day.”

Pip Fribritz

“How about slaughtering lobsters.”

Donald Goldstein

“Skinning calves liver hate it.”

Jason Wood

“Mise en Place is part of our job, whatever it entails. If you don't like it, pick another job, something like telesales!!”

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