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16 Cooks Reveal Their Dirty Confessions

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16 Cooks Reveal Their Dirty Confessions

Cooks work hard, they’re constantly in the kitchen surrounded by heat and stress, it’s a tough job. That’s why they have their guilty pleasures, some of their quick workarounds and some of the things they eat that they would never admit to in person.

Over on ChefTalk - a forum for chefs - there is a section called Cook’s Confession in which those working in the kitchen reveal their biggest guilty pleasures.

From how they save time to some of the crazy things they like to eat - you’d be surprised just how bad some chefs’ diets can be.

I confess... I use instant mash potatoes. I like soggy greasy fries.

I confess... I like reduced fat Pringles, onion rings and American cheese on my burgers. I use queso salsa from a jar for nachos.

I confess... I occasionally eat convenience store hot dogs. A banana covered in peanut butter and chocolate chips is a favorite snack.

I confess to eating those high fat and high sodium 3 minute ramen noodles in a cup. Dang whenever im feeling lazy and want something hot to eat i get me a cup noodles, and i drink the cheap knockoff broth too.

I confess: I make a sandwich of two slices of american cheese, a filling of crunchy peanut butter, and bacon.

After I get home working a long day being a Chef I start making the home made bread. Then I go out and pick the fresh raspberries for homemade jam. While the jam is cooling I milk the cow and put the milk in the cream separator so I could churn some butter. Then I go out to the refer to knock down the 1/2 beef, gather some eggs from the hens and feed the pigs. Do people think chefs make home made food at home all the time. The last thing a Chef wants to do is cook at home after doing it all day... I have been known to do everything in the world that puts food on the table or makes snacks easier to get into my gut.

I confess... I am addicted to chicken skin cracklin' flat, crispy and oh so good.

My ultimate guilty pleasure is Shin Ramen. The stuff is like $1 per pack vs the ten cent stuff at WM but I swear I could eat a pack of it every day. I add some onion to mine and some meat if I have something in the fridge that needs used up but I can eat 'em plain. They're even good uncooked.

My deepest darkest secret guilty pleasure is Hamburger Helper tuna tetrazzini. Someday Microwave hotdogs. That is all.

Gas station nachos, fill the tray with that fake cheese goo and scoop a lot on each chip.

I confess... as a kid I used to love ketchup and mustard sandwiches. As an adult I, on a very rare occasion, still get a craving for one....and yes it has to be American style, yellow mustard.

I confess... Pizza. Taco. Put them together (Boston Pizza did for a while) and I'm good.

I confess... I drink beer in the shower when I get off work because there is only three things I want to do when I get home, 2 have to do with showering and drinking a beer. I also eat bacon peanut butter and avocado sandwiches way to often in public and private. On whole wheat just toasted enough to melt the peanut butter.

I confess... That often eat raw cookie dough and raw cheese cake filling right from the mixer bowl. Sometimes even at work. I don't know why but i think I'm a bit impatient.
I confess... That sometimes late at night when i wake up, i go and eat rice and beans at like 4 in the morning just because...

I confess... to using ready spice mixes for making Indonesian and Thai food.
I confess... to eating raw bacon, because it just taste so darn good.

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