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This Futuristic Pod Grows Food from Plant Cells in Just One Week

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This Futuristic Pod Grows Food from Plant Cells in Just One Week

A team of scientists in Finland say they are working on a technique that could allow people to grow edible food at home in just one week.

The team, from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, say they have already built a prototype for a device that allows people to grow food inside a bioreactor that’s built for the home.

Called CellPod, the simple device would allow people to grow their own food using cell cultures that grow much quicker and apparently give the same nutritional value as the original food they are taken from.

The weird thing, which can be seen in the video below, is that the finished products do not resemble the actual foods they were taken from, this is because they are not grown the same way. The reporter also suggests that some people say the taste of the food is more neutral than food produced traditionally.

The team behind CellPod say they could have a commercially available product in around 10 years.

However it tastes, it’s a crazy idea to imagine we could one day be growing food in just a week from a shiny pod sat on the kitchen counter.

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