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Bar Installs Copper Cage to Block Cellphone Coverage

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Bar Installs Copper Cage to Block Cellphone Coverage
Photo Johnny Silvercloud

People using cellphones in bars and restaurants can be annoying, sure, but we all do it. So how do you think you’d cope if the bar you were in had no cellphone coverage at all?

The Gin Tub bar in Sussex, UK has lined its walls with metal foil and its ceiling with copper wire to create what’s known as a faraday cage – a mesh of conductive material that blocks electrical fields. Hence no cellphone coverage.


Owner Steve Tylor hopes to encourage people to socialise more with the strangers around them. He told the BBC: “People come into a bar and rather than talk to the people they’re with they talk to the people they work with ... you socially insulate yourself from the people around you, because while you’re on your phone, you’re busy.’”

Hello, bar?

The bar also has retro faux rotary dial phones on each table according to The Independent, whereby you can call and order from the bar or even call other tables, and also has a landline for emergencies. A great publicity stunt, sure, and for some the thought of no cellphones in bars would be absolute bliss. But, if people can just pop outside and use their phones, doesn’t it kind of defeat the object?

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