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$70,000 of Caviar Devoured in Minutes

By FDL on

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$70,000 of Caviar Devoured in Minutes
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In what has to be one of the most profound wastes of money and food in the entire world, a Russian restaurant has held an eating competition in which the so called 'lucky' contestants had to devour half a kilogram of black caviar - as fast as they possibly could.

Spending around $70,000 on fish eggs, the Moscow based restaurant held the competition for 12 people. The winner, Alexander Valov, finished his half kilogram haul in just one minute and 26 seconds.

The prize for commiting such dining sacrilege? More caviar and just over $300, or a more handsome sounding 10,000 rubles.

This has to be the biggest waste of money and caviar in history and the delicacy, meant to be enjoyed and savoured, found itself placed on par with hot-dogs - something you can imagine we're not too happy about at FDL HQ. 

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