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Video Interview: Gaston Acurio at Casa Moreyra

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Ferran Adria, Joan Roca, Andoni Luis Aduriz plus some of the most influential journalists, critics and writers from around the world were in Lima this week to attend the grand opening of Casa Moreyra, the latest project by the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio. 
The space has been planned for many years and February 17th saw the culmination of thousands of hours of work as Acurio’s first ever restaurant in the city, Astrid y Gaston, relocated to it’s new location after nearly 20 years. 
Casa Moreyra is more than a restaurant, built in one of Lima’s smartest districts it’s a way of linking a whole mix of disciplines. From farming to fishing, avant-garde cuisine to informal family lunches and personally designed taste experiences. A living space that houses 6 worlds and exemplifies better than anything the food boom that’s slowly been forming across Peru in the past 10 to 15 years. 
It’s a project that’s very close to Acurio and one that he says is just the beginning, just a seed and just one small branch in a forest full of new ideas, discoveries and young Peruvian chefs ready to take the country into its next stage.
In this video interview with Fine Dining Lovers Acurio explains the new venture, what it means for Lima, his hopes for the future of Peruvian cuisine and finally tells us all if he really will be running for president. 

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