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Can We Print Food Smells?

By FDL on

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Can We Print Food Smells?

The days of scratch and sniff cards were short lived - come on - who really wants to sit at home frantically scratching a card to gain a faint whiff of a crime scene or the musky smell of the morning forrest.

One place were smell does play a huge role is food and that's exactly what the electronic giant Sony are betting on.

They've teamed up with some young designers in China as part of a student design work shop and one of the concepts is very interesting.

Zhu Jingxuan designed a small concept machine that takes the aroma of ingredients and adds them to printed post cards. The idea being that a picture of food could be sent along with the smell of the dish.

It's a unique concept and a long way off finished but just imagine how cool it would be to be  able to fire off the smell of some food in a tweet...



Source: PSFK

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