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The French React to California's Foie Gras Ban

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The French React to California's Foie Gras Ban

The politician from the Gers region of France is urging the country to ban the import and sale of Californian produced wine in response to the state wide foie gras ban that came into play at the beginning of July.

Philippe Martin is calling on restaurants to stop selling Californian wine to "show solidarity" for the foie gras producers of France. Martin who is the President of the Gers General Council, a region of France known for its foie gras production.

Business Week reports that France produces around 16,000 tons of foie gras each year contributing to to-thirds of all foie gras sold globally.

Bussines Week goes on to report on the huge scale of California's wine production and how a ban on the import of wine into France could damage relations between the two wine producing giants.

The ban on foie gras came into power on the 1st of July and has already caused wide spread backlash with a group of restauranteurs, farmers and producers already teaming up to file a law suit claiming the ban is 'unconstitutional'.

Many people throughout California stand against the production methods of foie gras in which Geese are force fed to fatten their livers. Whatever the outcome of the ban it seems that at least in some parts of France they're ready for an all out food war.

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