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Troll Cafe Owner Bans Vegans and Starts Social Media War

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Troll Cafe Owner Bans Vegans and Starts Social Media War

Paul Stenson, the cafe and hotel owner who likes to bite back against his customers, is at it again and this time he’s set his target firmly on vegans.

Stenson was in the news a few months ago when he decided to post CCTV images of a customers who he said left bad reviews of his cafe but ate all their food. Now he’s back and he's had it with vegans. 

In a post on his company’s Facebook page, Stenson wrote: 

This was apparently aimed at one woman who had visited the cafe and after she read the post, she decided to respond. It just gets better from here:

Stenson, as we said above, is not adverse to negative publicity, in fact, he’s made a living out of harnessing it. He’s also, it seems, not a person to back down - so his response when vegans all over the world started posting bad reviews of his business even though they’d never been there?

He didn’t even back down when he started receiving death threats…

But he did, thankfully, see the light and realise that not all vegans need to be hated on and that perhaps thousands of negative reviews would be hard to turn into positive publicity with this apology. No, sorry, he didn’t do that at all.

And just in case they didn’t realise what he’s like - once again:


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