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The Las Vegas Super Buffet

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The Las Vegas Super Buffet

Las Vegas is home to the big and brash - brimming with illuminations, casinos, advertising and hundreds of attractions - all of them big.

Now the infamous strip lays claim to housing what has to be one of the world's biggest buffets.

Called, Bacchanal, it's set to open in September and is made up of a staggering 524 menu items. It's all part of the new Caesars Palace buffet which cost around $17 million to create.

This will truly be a mammoth feast with the organizers claiming that as much as 90% of the food will be prepared fresh at the buffet station instead of sitting to stew under heat lamps.

The buffet will aim to serve high quality grub with a look to dishes and ingredients that cover most of the world. We just feel sorry for the kitchen staff who have to work such a huge menu.

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