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Order the Food from Your Favourite Cooking Show While You Watch

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Order the Food from Your Favourite Cooking Show While You Watch
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There’s nothing like watching a good cooking show to work up an appetite. Now, viewers in Japan can order the mouth–watering food on their screens with the click of a button through Amazon – a whole new way to buy food online.

Amazon is launching the service in the autumn in collaboration with Japanese entertainment company Yoshimoto Kogyo, Time reports. Viewers of a new cooking show on the Amazon Prime Video streaming channel will be able to buy a selection of the food featured through a one click ordering service.

Test Run

The shows will promote local Japanese cuisine and will feature well–known Japanese celebrities. Four videos of around 40 minutes each are planned. The service will only be available in Japan initially, but Amazon is sure to try and roll it out if it’s a success. This very much has the feel of a test run – perhaps the way we buy food online could change entirely?


It’s an intriguing idea of course and highly convenient, but there is the danger that we could see television shows increasingly turning into infomercials should this kind of online food shopping catch on. Let us know what you think in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

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