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BUGS - Will Eating Insects Save Our Planet?

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BUGS - Will Eating Insects Save Our Planet?
Here’s a look at the trailer for Bugs - a new movie by the Nordic Food Lab which looks at the issue of eating insects and asks if they really are the saviour of the world. 
The trailer shows how a team from the Nordic Food Lab travelled the world tasting insects of every shape and size. 
They also looked into the industry of insect production to see if it really is a way to a more sustainable food future or just another fractured food source waiting to be industrialised. 
Termite queens, honey ants, venemous giant hornets and long-horned grasshoppers are all consumed in the film but it’s about much more than watching three guys taste strange delicacies from far flung lands. 
The film is about the issue of food security and a look at a new food source that has great potential but also grave dangers. Take a look. 
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