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Behold The BrusselKale - A Hybrid of Kale of Brussels Sprouts

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Behold The BrusselKale - A Hybrid of Kale of Brussels Sprouts
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Meet the Brusselkale, a vegetable hybrid that looks like kale but tastes like Brussels sprouts. This unique veggie was developed by British-based Tozer Seeds over a period of 15 years and may soon be available at a supermarket near you.

The Brusselkale was created using traditional breeding techniques and looks a bit like a small cabbage with curly green and purple leaves that grow from a thick stalk. Currently, it is sold at select locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio but should be available across the United States this fall, according to The Daily Mail and NPR.

Image via Flower Sprout/Facebook

So what does the Brusselkale actually taste like? Those who have sampled the super veggie say it tastes milder than both kale and Brussels sprouts. It can be prepared just like you would either veggie: steaming, sauteeing, boiling or even roasting. As a bonus, the Brusselkale has twice the amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin C found in  kale or Brussels sprouts.

Image via Flower Sprout/Facebook

Since 2010, Tozer Seeds has been selling the Brusselkale in the United Kingdom under the more appealing name of Flower Sprout.  Perhaps that catchier name will finally get kids in America to eat their Brussels sprouts.

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