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No More Brown Avocados

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No More Brown Avocados
Photo Chad Miller/Flickr

An Australian company has developed technology that slows the browning process in avocados, according to a report in The Guardian.

The Natura Zero by Natura is a large industrial machine used in the processing of pre-sliced and mashed avocado products. It works by “switching off” polyphenol oxidase, the enzyme responsible for browning, using steam, eliminating the need for any chemical preservatives and keeping avocados fresh for longer.

No more brown avocados.

So, no avocados that turn from a vibrant green hue to an unappetising sludge brown the moment your back is turned then. Except, this technology is only available on an industrial scale currently. For the moment, we’ll just have to make do with the heady adrenalin rush that is consuming an avocado before the life seeps from it and it begins to look a little tired and emotional.

Perhaps they could invent something that instantly ripens avocados too?

In other important avocado news, avocado burger buns are now an emerging food trend.

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