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Brit's Restaurant and Cafe Spending Doubles

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Brit's Restaurant and Cafe Spending Doubles

Brits are now spending twice as much money on dining at restaurants and cafes than they did 10 years ago, according to figures published by The Payments Council.

The study looked at spending in Britain over a ten-year period and found that money spent in restaurants and cafes was up by 102%. The findings also showed that Brits spent £58 billion having fun in 2012,  compared with £34 billion spent on utility bills.

Findings for pubs were not as strong but the money spent in pubs has continued to rise despite cheep alcohol in supermarkets and the smoking ban.

The study also showed that supermarkets continue to dominate with 58 pence in every pound spent at one of the big chain stores, compared with 48 pence 10 years ago.

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