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France's New Love For British Food and Drink

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France's New Love For British Food and Drink

It was the French president Jacques Chirac who joked that you can't trust a country with such bad food - a quip made during the race to secure the 2012 Olympics. But it seems that the French are now finding quite the appetite for British foods.

The BBC Reports that sales of stilton, real ale and chicken tikka massala are all on the rise in France. All three of them are staple British ingredients and the news agency claims that other classic british dishes are making in roads across the channel.

Scottish Beef, the B.L.T sandwich, Montgomery cheddar, and Scottish langoustines are all on the rise as a young French audience welcomes British food much easier than their older counter parts.

The BBC argues that there could be any number of contributing factors to the increase. From the rising number of British ex-pats living in France to the simple fact that, at a time when tv Chef Nigella Lawson is making negative comments about French cooking, French people's attitudes towards British cuisine may just be changing for the better.

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