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Bourdain and Ripert Discuss Their Chocolate Bar (Video)

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Bourdain and Ripert Discuss Their Chocolate Bar (Video)
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In the video below Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain discuss the launch of their Good and Evil bar, which is made from rare Peruvian cacao beans and sells for about $18 a piece.

Ripert and Bourdain marvel at the possible consequences this rare breed of chocolate may have on your life - if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on one of the 2,000 bars sold by Éclat Chocolate.

Bourdain says it best: ''In a lot of ways, we're really not doing you a favor by selling you this product. This will ruin chocolate as you know it. Your beloved chocolate bars past will no longer be enough. You wil become an insufferable chocolate snob...We're ruining relationships! Causing dependency among the populous, raising expectations, destroying the chocolate experience for multitudes.''

It's funny to see Ripert question the karma of selling such high-quality chocolate. You'll laugh when you watch the video below, which also shows images of Ripert's visit to the cacao farm in Peru.

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