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The Man who Manages Noma

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The Man who Manages Noma

James Spreadbury works at the world's best restaurant Noma - he is the man who greets guests outside the restaurant, makes them feel at home and makes sure their dining experience lives up to the expectations that guests have when visiting somewhere as special as Noma.

As part of their Gate Keeper series the website Eater have sat interview James about what it's like to work at Noma, where he was working before he left Australia for Noma and just what is the best way for people to get a table at the now famous Danish restaurant.

He explains that it was never his plan to stay at Noma for so long and talks about how difficult it can be to accommodate the huge demand placed on reservations at the restaurant.

With just twelve tables available and sometimes over a thousand reservations a day, it's James who's tasked with the tough role of trying to keep everyone happy.


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