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Maker of The World’s Best Chef Knives Explains Sharpening

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Maker of The World’s Best Chef Knives Explains Sharpening

Bob Kramer is somewhat of a knife making legend, he’s been featured on numerous lists of the world’s best knife makers and more recently was the protagonist of a video produced by Anthony Bourdain, who subsequently bought one of his products. 

Kramer is so into his knives that he admits to checking how sharp people’s knives are when he visits their home.

The knife maker says that most people don’t pay attention to their tools, hopefully not if you’re a professional chef, and then proceeds to offer up his suggestions on how to make your knives truly sharp.

He first explains how to test if a knife is sharp enough with a number of little tricks that will test your knife’s sharpness. In the second and third videos, Kramer goes on to explain how to hone and sharpen a knife.

Don’t miss this video that shows how Kramer actually makes his beautiful knives.

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