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Spain Bans World's First Blue Wine

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Spain Bans World's First Blue Wine
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Spain has banned Spanish producers Gik from labelling or marketing their 'blue wine' as 'wine' because it’s the wrong colour.

The drink, which made headlines in the summer for its unique colouring, which is down to a natural pigment in the grape skin and an added natural dye the makers claim, can no longer be marketed as or displayed with other wines.

As The Local reports, Spain currently recognises 17 types of wine products, but none of them are blue. Gik has described the ruling as “absurd ... the Spanish wine lobby, helped by some public institutions, stopped our revolution by imposing prohibitions and sanctions ... it’s composition is 100% grape.”

The grapes themselves are sourced from “no specific region with most of the wineries being located mainly in La Rioja, Zaragoza, León and Castilla-La Mancha.”

The product has been something of a success up to now, with Gik reportedly having sold close to 100,000 bottles worldwide.

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