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Blue Ramen: Yes, It's a Thing!

By FDL on

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Blue Ramen: Yes, It's a Thing!

After the news just this week that Spain has banned the sale of Blue Wine as actual wine in the country, here's news of bowls of Blue Ramen being sold in Tokyo.

The creation comes from the Kipposhi restaurant and the blue colour is given to the broth using spirulina algae - the same stuff that’s making all those hipster coffees blue.

The dish is served with cress, salted egg and roast chicken and as with most blue things on the internet these days, people are getting pretty excited about it.

We’ve collected a few shots of the ramen posted on Instagram. At least the colour is being added with a natural ingredients, though we’re still not sure on the idea of eating something that looks like it would take the ice of your windscreen in winter.




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