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Ranchers Claim to Have Killed a Wild Pig with Blue Fat

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Ranchers Claim to Have Killed a Wild Pig with Blue Fat

A picture of a pig with blue fat that was apparently shot and killed by ranchers in California has the internet scratching it’s collective scalp as to what could have caused the anomaly.

Pictures of the pig, which was caught in Morgan Hill, CA, show what looks like blue fat under the skin and the people who caught it claim that almost all of the fat inside the animal is blue.

It’s a strange sight and something we’ve never heard of before. There is a problem in pigs called Blue Ear disease but even this doesn’t cause this type of crazy colouring.

Many online say it could be down to copper poisoning from something the animal has eaten, some claim it could be down to rodent poisoning and many are screaming Photoshop hoax.

The ranchers who found the pig say they will send samples to the UC Davis University for testing but for now the University told NBC they “can’t make any assumptions based on a photo that may or may not be contrived."

A spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told the Morgan Hill Times there have “occasionally” been cases where wild pigs have exhibited "similar discolouration of their insides."

Adding: “In those cases, it was determined the affected animals had likely consumed chemicals that contained a blue dye”.

Many commentors on the original post ask if there are any candy factories near the ranch, it sounds like a crazy question but there was a case in France back in 2012 where beekeepers reported that their bees were producing blue honey because they had been eating the sugary waste from a nearby factory. 

The images have now been viewed over a million times and the case still remains open. What do you think? Any theories? Is it a total fake? Did it just eat too many smurfs? Let us know on Facebook. 

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