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“Sexy Smurf” Blue Latte is the New Vegan "It" Drink

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“Sexy Smurf” Blue Latte is the New Vegan "It" Drink
Photo Matcha Mylkbar/Instagram

Blue drink news of the week comes from Melbourne, Australia where a vegan matcha bar has introduced an Instagram–ready blue ‘latte’ that contains no coffee or caffeine whatsoever.

The drink, which Matcha Mylkbar describes as a “sexy smurf latte,” consists of ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave and blue algae powder and is priced at $8AU ($6US). The price reflects the cost of the algae, which is valued for its anti-oxidant properties and can cost over $3AU a gram.

The blue latte has been sale for less than a week, but is already proving to be a hit with the public, with sales reaching triple figures, which, co–owner Mark Filippelli admits, is probably down to its Instagram potential.  

We think the drink actually looks quite tasty, though apparently it has a strong odour of seaweed, so it may be down–in–one, rather than something to savour. It’s also part of a wider trend for blue drinks, including this blue wine and the addition of butterfly pea flower to cocktails, which turns drinks blue and then violet with the addition of citrus.

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