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Restaurant's Hilarious Use for Negative Yelp Reviews

By FDL on

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Restaurant's Hilarious Use for Negative Yelp Reviews

A bad review on Yelp or other online sites can be the nightmare of any restaurant owner. As more and more people take to filling their own user reviews online, more and more people are relying on these sites when choosing where to dine.

But what do you do when you receive a bad review on sites like Yelp? You could reply directly to the person on the site, filing your own response. You could, like the case of one American restaurant, write a long rebuttal to a bad review and point out why it’s not entirely accurate, or, and this is one of our favourites, you could hire a cameraman and a video editor to film actors reading out your worst reviews.

It might sound an odd proposal but it’s exactly what the Block 16 restaurant in Nebraska has done.

Wanting a way to respond to some of the negative reviews on Yelp, the business has filmed people reading the reviews in a dramatic black and white setting, overlaid with some seriously sad piano.

The reviews take on a whole new light when they’re acted out and it’s hard not to see the funny side. However, we’re not sure if their time would have been better spent addressing any reoccurring problems in the restaurant.

What do you think? A good or bad way of dealing with negative reviews?

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