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China Beats France to Wine Tasting Title

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China Beats France to Wine Tasting Title
Photo Ralf SmallKaa / Flickr

A team from China has beaten France into second place in a prestigious blind wine tasting competition organised by a French magazine.

The Chinese team of Liu Chunxia, Tze Chien Chen, Xi Chen, and Xianchen Ma, triumphed at the La Revue du vin de France event held at the Chateau du Galoupet wine estate on Saturday. The US came third, while last year’s winners Spain could only manage 10th.

21 teams were asked to blind taste 12 different wines from around the world and identify the main grape, country, producer, name and vintage – tough.

Comparisons are being made to the bombshell ‘Judgment of Paris’ that occurred in 1976, when California wines triumphed over those from Burgundy and Bordeaux in a blind wine tasting, kick-starting the new world wines trend and the rise of Napa.

China is now second only to Spain in terms of vineyard land, though France is still the world’s biggest wine producer by volume.

The Chinese team said their victory was down to “50 percent knowledge and 50 percent luck.” The French described them as “humble.”

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