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Documentary 'Billion Dollar Bully' Looks to Investigate Yelp

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Documentary 'Billion Dollar Bully' Looks to Investigate Yelp

We’ve had lots of instances in the past years of chefs laying down their knives and standing to fight Yelp, Yelpers and all things ‘user review’. We’ve had amazing responses from chefs to reviews, one chef who turned his worst reviews into dramatic videos and another who decided to publicly shame two customers who threatened him with bad Yelp reviews.

Now, a production company is looking to raise funds to produce a new documentary called Billion Dollar Bully - promising to look into the multiple claims from restaurant owners of Yelp’s bad practices.

The trailer focuses on Yelp’s so called filtering of reviews, certain cases in which business owners have tried to sue the company for extortionate behaviour, and lots of chefs who claim that Yelp is operating like some sort of digital mafia.

It’s important to note that Yelp has been cleared of all claims against their business practices in court but this doesn’t stop chefs speaking out against the company and it seems, at least if funds are raised, the launch of an entire documentary dedicated to investigating the way they operate.

Take a look at the trailer below: 

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