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9 YouTube Channels for Chefs You Shouldn't Miss

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9 YouTube Channels for Chefs You Shouldn't Miss

This article was originally featured on Gastromag serbian magazine (Facebook Page)


Today we can simply ‘follow’ a certain YouTube channel and be up-to-date concerning any subject that we are interested in.

For gastronomy, as well as for other professions, YouTube has changed the way in which we learn and create new experiences. From reports on culinary culture and interesting food to thoroughly explained chemical reactions in the process of cooking and ‘step by step’ videos for the most complicated cooking techniques – through YouTube channels information is now available to everyone and geographical distances are no longer an issue.

Here are some of the best YouTube food channels about cooking, for cooks and for all food lovers.


This channel has content for professionals and food lovers, including recipes, tips and interviews with top Michelin-starred chefs, who share their knowledge and skills. The channel also publishes live content from a test kitchen.

Staff Canteen Youtube channel


Famous chef Mario Batali’s channel is dedicated to Italian cuisine, including recipes, prep advice and technique guides, with new content published weekly.

Mario Batali Youtube channel


In addition to the hugely popular website, the Great British Chefs YouTube channel is a destination for all chefs searching for additional inspiration, explanations of different techniques and presentations of cities and countries. The majority of the content is along the lines of ‘How to...’

Great British Chefs Youtube channel


VICE’s food channel covers, in a modern and relaxed pop culture style, a variety of global topics related to the world of food: from chefs to amateur cooks, producers to customers, restaurants, food culture and the latest trends. Alex Atala, owner and chef of one of the world's best restaurants, D.O.M in Brazil, has hosted previously.

Munchies Youtube channel


This channel demonstrates modern culinary concepts superbly, with step-by-step guides, plus detailed accompanying recipes that often use the sous-vide cooking technique. The chefs behind ChefSteps are the creators of Joule, a sous-vide machine for domestic use.

ChefSteps Youtube channel


MAD is a non-profit organisation created by René Redzepi, which organises a festival each year in Copenhagen, bringing together numerous speakers from the world of gastronomy. The aim is to initiate discussion on important topics for the profession, e.g. sustainability, food waste, food quality, and methods of production. Presentations from the event can be viewed on the MAD YouTube channel giving valuable insight into the issues that matter.

Mad Youtube channel


This organisation publishes an annual list of the best restaurants in the world and on its YouTube channel you’re introduced to world-famous chefs and restaurant owners through interviews and recipes. The chefs answer various questions and reveal what inspired them.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants Youtube channel


This chef’s channel has over one million followers, which shows the true power of YouTube channels. Before he started it, Talbott worked for well-known chefs such as Thomas Keller and Gordon Ramsay. Today, working on the YouTube channel is his steady job, and on it he presents step-by-step, simple recipes intended for professionals and amateurs cooks. The popularity of the channel is an example of how chefs can transfer their knowledge and love for cooking, through social networks, to a large number of people.

Byron Talbott Youtube channel


This channel offers a combination of travel, cooking, history, science and humour – the episodes in which Harold McGee explains the science behind different foods are particularly interesting. The channel is linked to the episodes broadcast on TV, but there are also exclusive online bonus scenes dedicated to recipes and interviews with the chefs featured.

Mind of a Chef Youtube channel

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