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7 of The Best YouTube Food Channels

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7 of The Best YouTube Food Channels

YouTube is still one of the most visited sites on the web, it’s packed with a real mix of great food and cooking channels - so many that it can sometimes be hard to understand just which ones are actually worth your time.

This is why we decided to bring you a fresh list of some of the best YouTube food channels, our favourite finds from across the site. 

There are thousands of different food channels on You Tube, and food based content is one of the most popular categories on the site. Below is our pick of what we believe to be some of the best YouTube food channels.

Get ready for a serious injection of knowledge, flavour and fun. The idea of the ChefSteps channel is simple: top quality, modern recipes with an in-depth and technical approach. This is where you come, not to learn how to cook a burger, but how to make the damn finest burger the world has ever seen. Below you can see one of our favourite vids from channel:


Food Tube
What was an ambitious idea from Jamie Oliver when it launched, Food Tube has become one of the most viewed, subscribed and liked food channels on the web. Oliver has built himself an army of food tubers who provide content for the channel and the mix of resources on there make it the perfect place for those wanting to improve their home recipes.


Mind of a Chef
One of our favourites. Varied and wonderfully produced, this is the place you come to sit back and enjoy a tasty food based story. The Mind of a Chef food channel, which is linked to the award winning PBS television show, does include some recipes but it’s also packed with stories, interviews and often fascinating insights.

Like this Howard McGee video.


The Art of Plating
It’s a pretty new channel and doesn’t feature so many videos but the content posted so far on The Art of Plating has been top draw. It focuses in on some of the ideas and techniques employed by the world’s best chefs, including videos with the likes of Albert Adria talking discussing food synergies.


TEDX Manhattan
This collection of videos were filmed at annual "Changing the Way We Eat" TEDX event held in Manhattan. As with anything TED, the videos cover a wide range of topics.

Here’s one of our favourites.


Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
We’re sort of fascinated with Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.  It's a YouTube food channel that focuses on discovering and cooking recipes from 18th and 19th Century cookbooks. And as crazy as that sounds, many of the recipes are pretty delicious, it’s also an interesting resource to look for some new ideas in the kitchen.

18th Century fried chicken, anyone? 

Fine Dining Lovers
Our You Tube channel is packed with content, from interviews with some of the best chef’s in the world to days spent with some of the planet’s top producers.

Take a journey into the unknown side of the food world.

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